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Silver lining Herbs Calming Question
Reg. Nov 2006
Posted 2015-08-01 2:02 PM
Subject: Silver lining Herbs Calming Question


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We bought a horse and the prior owner used this when hauling him. He's not crazy or hot just gets nervous. It's pretty expensive so I am looking into potential alternatives to this. Anyone have any thoughts or even discounts on this product? Thanks!
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Reg. Mar 2012
Posted 2015-11-26 9:17 AM
Subject: RE: Silver lining Herbs Calming Question

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SLH is having a Black Friday sale, you can get it at a discount. Plus there are several codes out there to get 10% anytime.

I use a lot their products, including the Calming, and there isn't one I wouldn't recommend. My 2 year old isn't getting ridden much right now so she's on the Calming and she is cool, calm and focused when she does get ridden.
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