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Ulc-R-Aid as a Preventative?
Reg. Jan 2016
Posted 2016-01-06 3:00 PM
Subject: Ulc-R-Aid as a Preventative?


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I have been barrel racing for 12 years and my 16 year old quarter horse has been with me that long as well! He has always been that horse at barrel races who will walk in all of the sour horses. He was always so calm and collected. Suddenly, he is super gate sour, sometimes I cannot even get him out of the warm up arena. When he knows it is almost our time to run he will keep turning around to bite my feet.

I am thinking that he may have ulcers... what do you think?

I picked up some Ulc-R-Aid and I am going to try feeding it to him on days that I have a barrel race and not daily because I do not know for sure that he has ulcers. Is it okay to give my horse this product as a preventive on the days I have a race?

Let me know what you think! Thank you!
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