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Lasix and OE Nutraceuticals
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Posted 2016-04-01 5:17 PM
Subject: Lasix and OE Nutraceuticals


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Okay, how do you all give Lasix? Like do you pull water, give electrolytes, give water right before running, etc.

I run a mare on Lasix 3 hours out and pull water. Wondering what other ways there are to go about it. I recently ran her on OE Nitro, which is just electrolytes from my understanding and she fired ALOT harder. Can someone explain why Nitro would make such a big difference if it is just electrolytes? Also if it is just electrolytes should I avoid giving them to her if I give Lasix?...Will it make her thirsty?
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Posted 2016-04-29 5:45 AM
Subject: RE: Lasix and OE Nutraceuticals


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I've had some horses that had to be preloaded with electrolytes for two days prior to an event that I was going to be using lasix at or when they would be traveling in the heat and sweating on the trailer (or at the trailer in my case in S. TX.
I pull water and feed to include hay when I give my lasix.  I've often start at 3ml 3 hrs out on my horses. Adjust till I find their "niche".
Your use of the electrolyte paste prior to your use of lasix preloaded the body for the "insult" on the loss of ions. Both positive and negative that are lost as a result of the lasix use. The charges are important to conduct electricity to the muscles, smooth and cardiac. When you have a decrease in electrolyte levels you can have disruption in important cellular functions. Horse pee off alot of the lytes and thus their run will feel "off".
The balance is just as critical as them being there in the first place. When there's no balance you get metabolic disorganization and the horse is at risk of thumps and tying up.

Having your horse accustomed to drinking electolyte water several days in advance helps you at an event as you can offer them the electrolyte water and plain water to satisfy their personal need post their run. 

I too, have felt the flat horse due to no balance in their lytes. You simply have to make adjustments to that particular horses diet to have them feeling the best to perform the best they can. 
Remember, good feed & excellent hay has a good balance in lytes. But if your using lasix or if they sweat greater than two hours of sweat on the norm they will need a supplement via tube or top dressed on feed or mixed into water to rehydrate and allow for good bodily functions. 

I will offer my horse a pound of alfalfa pellets or longstem alfalfa prior to giving electrolyte paste as it can be harsh on tender stomachs. A horse that has ulcers is not going to stretch out well and run well often I find them "off" in their turns to. Prior to loading on hot rides or long rides in the trailer my horses get alfalfa and electrolytes. The alfalfa is a buffer before the storm. That's why I love giving them a solution via water. 

After running have your water ready so the horse can begin immediate replacement of his lytes or a tube ready especially if your running again the next day as feed may not get him restored to adequate balance quickly enough. 
 My best to you and your horse. 
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