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The specific type of rayon you buy
Reg. Aug 2016
Posted 2016-08-10 1:30 AM
Subject: The specific type of rayon you buy


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Polyester Fabric Tools

To accomplish clean, even curve if cutting, ensure your scissors are sharp. Because rayon can be slippery, addled scissors will accomplish rayon harder to plan with.

To avoid creating snags in your Rayon Fabric , don’t use pins that are dull.

Use a universal sewing machine needle when sewing with rayon. The size of the needle depends on the weight of the fabric.

For a lightweight, 100-percent rayon challis or a rayon/jersey knit blend, use a size 11 needle.

If you are sewing a medium-weight rayon/linen blend for pants or jackets, a size 14 needle is appropriate. Replace your needle if it becomes dull.

A good-quality polyester cilia works with rayon and all rayon blends.


The specific type of rayon you buy and how it was manufactured will determine how the fabric must be cared for.

Check the care label on the fabric bolt when you purchase the rayon to determine whether you can wash it, or whether it must be dry-cleaned. Regardless of the cleaning method, rayon must be preshrunk.

Almost all rayon will shrink, typically from 3 to 10 percent. Wash or dry-clean the yardage before cutting out your Printing Fabric pattern pieces to ensure the garment remains the same size after its first cleaning.

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