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GLC 5500MAX (formally GLC 5500Rx) - joint supplement
Reg. Mar 2017
Posted 2017-03-21 10:49 PM
Subject: GLC 5500MAX (formally GLC 5500Rx) - joint supplement


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?What makes GLC 5500MAX (formally known as GLC 5500Rx) more effective than other leading joint supplements??

GLC 5500MAX has a proven 63% absorption rate into the blood stream. The industry standard of oral joint supplements is only 6-10%, and that includes many of the popular ones like Cosequin, Platinum, etc due to the normal digestion process. GLC 5500MAX is the ONLY one to contain a patented gastric technology, which allows for much greater gastric survivability.

Ever wondered why other joint products generally have at least 5,000mg - 10,000mg or more of glucosamine in them? Because only 6-10% is actually absorbed so they have higher amounts in hopes of absorbing more.

Ever wondered why GLC 5500MAX doesn't contain HA?
It is because it's healthier for your horse to naturally produce its own rather than artificially injecting or supplementing it. Our product TRIPLES hyaluronan production NATURALLY showing a significant increase in hyaluronan within just 4 weeks.

Did you know that GLC 5500MAX has a small molecular weight allowing penetration to the joint. Many other joint supplements have a larger molecular weight, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to penetrate the synovium. This is why we are even seeing improvements with navicular and ringbone.

Please feel free to text or call at 563-379-5772 email or even find me Morgan Ann Franzen on facebook for more information. Also check out the GLC 5500Rx facebook page for testimonials

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