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which saddle pad?
Reg. Aug 2016
Posted 2017-04-12 8:46 AM
Subject: which saddle pad?


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Location: South TX
I have a corriente and the saddle seems to be a tiny bit wide for my horse. He's 3 and still growing. Just wanted to ask for opinions..
I am planning to get a new saddle pad but im not sure what brand and thickness. ??
What do you all recommend?

Thank youuuu
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Reg. Apr 2006
Posted 2017-04-17 1:19 PM
Subject: RE: which saddle pad?


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Location: Texas
You might want to consider a Saddleright  Pad for your horse/saddle dilema. We have a 30 day money back guarentee on all pads less shipping. Or standard pad is 5/8 thick and then we offer a 3/4. they offer a more stable foundation than most all other pads and could be the answer to your problem. We at Saddleright do NOT believe in shimming.
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