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Bad bleeder
Reg. Oct 2017
Posted 2017-10-27 8:48 AM
Subject: Bad bleeder


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Okay guys please keep in mind I’m not looking for any supplements, just pre race.

I have a bleeder who can bleed through 6-10cc of lasix. I do understand that there are certain types of lasix but I’v never had her bleed on furosemide 1% inject into vein atleast 3 hours pre race. Now she bled twice on “Salix” once on 6cc and once on 9cc. When I mean bleed I mean we scared the on-site vet because she wouldn’t stop. I have ran her on the following also:

OE wind
Flair strips

I have done a BAL test after running her. I’m giving her 90 days off. She came back anemic but I know that could be from the amount of blood she lost. Iv delt with anemic horses and I know vitamins don’t do anything for them and with my experience supplementing with iron just causes more issues nutritionally.

Anywho, what do you know about Kentucky Red? Anyone else have this issue. I have though about bringing in old track trick and twisting copper wire on their tail. Haven’t tried aculife but plan to.

Thanks in advanced
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