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Best joint supplement
Reg. Jul 2017
Posted 2017-11-07 8:48 PM
Subject: Best joint supplement


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I’m looking for a joint supplement to help my mare. I? want little to none msm. And really want HA and glucosamine. Also I’m trying to stay under $2 a day... or a supplement that prevents ulcers and helps with joints at the same time.
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Reg. Dec 2004
Posted 2017-11-22 5:18 PM
Subject: RE: Best joint supplement

Stinky Cat Owner

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Tight Joints Plus has worked awesome for my gelding, is affordable - and - there's a BHW coupon for a discount. 
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Posted 2018-01-29 2:36 PM
Subject: RE: Best joint supplement

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GLC 5500 Max, it is reasonably priced and very good absorption. I've had great results (and I've tried everything).
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