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Cecil Phillips or Teskeys??
Reg. Jan 2019
Posted 2019-03-03 9:21 PM
Subject: Cecil Phillips or Teskeys??


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Help....I’ve ridden in a Corrientes, Circle Ys, Simcos and such growing up but now I’m getting back into the loop here..


I have two saddles I’m eyeing..will be my main saddle for my mare and occasional colts I ride for my trainer

one is a Teskeys Competition Trophy saddle, brand new never used. I’ve heard they’re great but this one seems to be on the lower end of their market? 

Older model Cecil Phillips, it’s a dark oil, owner says it’s great fit for most horses..

both are 15” FQHB and same price. But never rode in either or saddle..what are the pros and cons?!

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