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Treeless Saddle
Pole Bender_101
Reg. Sep 2019
Posted 2019-09-06 5:48 PM
Subject: Treeless Saddle


Posts: 14
Location: Arkansas
I'm looking to buy a treeless saddle. I've read lots of good reviews and bad reviews. What do you think and if you where to get one what brand you get?
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Reg. Oct 2020
Posted 2020-10-14 9:45 PM
Subject: RE: Treeless Saddle


Posts: 7
Location: Wisconsin

Ive been using treeless saddles for awhile and while I enjoy a goo bob marshall for trial riding and things, I very highly reccomend a Tammy Fischer by Circle Y. They hold you in your seat amazing and are also very good looking saddles. They are built very well and you don't have to worry about your saddle falling apart like a Hilason..

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