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Purina Strategy vs Nutrena Safe Choice Original
Reg. Jan 2014
Posted 2020-03-30 9:36 AM
Subject: Purina Strategy vs Nutrena Safe Choice Original


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Hello everyone! I am looking at switching my horses grain and I want to get them both on the same feed. I have a 14 year old AQHA retired due to navicular gelding easy keeper and a 3 year old AQHA mare easy keeper that I will start hauling to exhibition barrels this fall. My mare has been on Purina Strategy before and looked great. My gelding has been on Nutrena Safe Choice before and looked great. I have compared ingrediants and I am pretty sure I know what route I want to go with but looking for opinions and why! Thank you!

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Reg. Oct 2020
Posted 2020-10-14 9:41 PM
Subject: RE: Purina Strategy vs Nutrena Safe Choice Original


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I would actually recommend Blue Bonnet as it is one of the only brands with a locked formula, it can be delivered with Chewy. Because the formula is locked the price changes more frequently but doesnt have fillers or bizarre amounts of molasses(sugar) that can lead to inflammation. Blue Bonnet also has low starch and sugar and all of the vitamins and minerals horses need. I switched my horse 2 months ago and the attached photos are after a month on it, his coat is very shiny and healthy, his mane has grown about 3 inches and his tail about 4-5 inches. His ability to vuild muscle is also much better.It comes in 50 lb bags and you have to feed 1/4 of the amount that you have to with purina or nutrena.

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