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Storing bits and rope nose hacks when not in use
Reg. May 2009
Posted 2022-01-10 12:55 PM
Subject: Storing bits and rope nose hacks when not in use

Warrior Mom

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I just received my new DTE hack in the mail and noticed it was taped with electrical tape to hold its shape on the noseband part. It got me thinking about storing my others that aren't being used currently and aren't even on a bridle to hang. (I obviously need to invest in more headstalls as my bit collection grows) I don't want them to lose shape or stiffen up too much or flatten out. Do you do anything special with the rope nose bits or hacks when not in use? I taped up a few of the ones I had laying around so they will at least hold their shape until I need to use again. 

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runnin hard
Reg. Jan 2005
Posted 2022-01-10 2:00 PM
Subject: RE: Storing bits and rope nose hacks when not in use

Elite Veteran

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Some of mine are on a headstall and others are not.  I haven't noticed any issues with the nose band changing shape when I hang the headstalls.  I do have a few that are not on a head stall...hacks I hang by the rope nose piece and bits I hang by a cheek piece (where the bridle attaches) and no issues there either.  I do have a rack with horseshoe hooks for hanging.  I think if you are not tossing hacks in a pile where nosebands would be smashed / twisted they would hold their shape fine.

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