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Ladyjockey 2
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Posted 2022-01-14 8:03 AM

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Father God guide me always to do all things that will bring glory and honor to You Amen ABUNDANT WATERS. Exodus 17:6 Strike the rock. And water will come out of it for the people to drink.  We often take for granted water, which we all need in order to live.  Israel found itself in a terrifying dilemma. As the people camped in the dusty, barren desert, we read this alarming line : " There is no water for the people to drink" 17:1. The people were afraid. Their throats were dry. The sand sizzled. Their children suffered thirst. Terrified the people" quarreled with Moses, demanding water v2 but what could Moses do? He could only go to God. And God gave Moses odd instructions  " Take the staff and strike the rock, and water will come out of it so the people can drink vv5-6. So Moses hit the rock, and out of it gushed a river, plenty for the people and their cattle. That day, Israel knew that God loved them. Their God provided abundant water. If you're experiencing a drought or wilderness in life, know that God is aware of it and He's with you. Whatever your need, whatever your lack, may you find HOPE and refreshment in His abundant waters.  Lord, my Savior, I need YOUR water, Your provision for my mind body, and soul. HELP me in my barren places. HELP me trust and look for You in ALL things Amen for it is with God all things are possible Matthew 19:26 Have a VERY BLESSED ABUNDANT WATER for your mind, body and soul friday ALL.. God loves you and so do I

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Posted 2022-01-14 9:37 AM

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