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El Reno Oklahoma Feed stores Suggestions
Reg. Jun 2012
Posted 2022-10-03 1:36 PM
Subject: El Reno Oklahoma Feed stores Suggestions


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Well, I am entered in my rodeo finals end of this month in El Reno, Ok. Making the haul from CA. I always like to have a standby feedstore in miond in case I need anything. If there are any locals on here from that area and have a recommendation, thanks for the input! 

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Reg. Jun 2012
Posted 2022-11-20 9:45 PM
Subject: RE: El Reno Oklahoma Feed stores Suggestions

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Ross feed and seed is in El Reno is decent. Idk that they carry any hay though or alfalfa if you need that. You might call to see if you're needing it as well.  A Short drive maybe two or three exits down I-40 you can also hit Cooks feed in Yukon they are good as well with selection and they'll have good quality hay or alfalfa etc. don't take your trailer though as the parking lot won't fit it. 

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