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SMC Trailers?
Reg. Dec 2007
Posted 2023-03-09 3:21 PM
Subject: SMC Trailers?

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Location: Texas Big Country

Could I get some candid reviews and what other brands would compare and why? Thanks very much!

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Reg. Jan 2008
Posted 2023-04-09 4:28 AM
Subject: RE: SMC Trailers?

Location: midwest mama

I bought a brand new SMC LQ trailer and it had a lot of problems in overall construction and cosmetic stuff in the LQ. The dealer took care of everything, but I ended up selling it and getting something else. 

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Posted 2023-04-18 7:18 PM
Subject: RE: SMC Trailers?

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Sold my 20 year old Bloomer and got a new SMC w/16' LQ.  SMC is definitely not the quality of a Bloomer. With that being said I do think they are a lot of bang for the buck. I used to go down the road ALOT. Hauled many miles to jackopots and rodeos and the Bloomer held up well.  Now that Im not doing it and basically going occasionally and not too far distance the SMC suits my missions. If you are going to haul long distance then get a Bloomer, 4Star or Platinum in my opinion. If you are a weekend warrior then SMC is great.  240k vs 150K.

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