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Diamond Classic
Reg. Dec 2018
Posted 2023-11-03 12:43 PM
Subject: Diamond Classic


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Does anyone know why so many stallions are selling their spots to the diamond classic? It has me wondering if something happened with the incetive program for so many to jump ship when it has hardly started.

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Reg. Sep 2006
Posted 2023-11-06 2:36 PM
Subject: RE: Diamond Classic

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Following as I have noticed the same.


All of their social media posts are worded almost identical.

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Posted 2023-11-20 7:57 PM
Subject: RE: Diamond Classic

Cyber World Challenged

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who was wondering why so many spot's seem to be for sale 

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Posted 2023-11-22 11:21 AM
Subject: RE: Diamond Classic

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Seems there is a lot of a search on Facebook will help explain or confuse even more....

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