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Josey Circle Y lightspeed saddle
Reg. Aug 2010
Posted 2023-11-15 9:17 AM
Subject: Josey Circle Y lightspeed saddle

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Anyone ride in one?  i won one 1 1/2 ago been sitting my house this whole time and since im wanting a more secure feeel i decided to try it  i love it and its much lighter than my BTR.  

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Reg. Apr 2011
Posted 2023-11-15 3:08 PM
Subject: RE: Josey Circle Y lightspeed saddle


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Yes, I have one and like it. Mine is probably about 5 years old.

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Posted 2023-11-19 1:56 AM
Subject: RE: Josey Circle Y lightspeed saddle


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I have one and love it, but it doesn't fit my current horse as well as I'd like so I have been thinking of selling it.  I do find that they run small and I had to size up compared to other saddles.  

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Reg. Jul 2008
Posted 2023-11-27 11:19 PM
Subject: RE: Josey Circle Y lightspeed saddle

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My trainer has one. She loves it. I had to saddle her horse and I didn't feel it was that much lighter but the horse is a huge sucker so that might be the problem. (At least 16 hands). 

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