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Back on track users!!

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Last activity 2014-02-21 5:31 PM
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Reg. Jun 2012
Posted 2014-02-21 1:24 AM
Subject: Back on track users!!

Extreme Veteran

Posts: 349
Ok so I am making my list of order to buy things to try for my horse as I have heard so many good things. First things first I am thinking of a blanket but not sure if I should go with mesh or fleece. Also saw the human lines. Thought it would be a good present for my boyfriend who works 7 days a week on a ranch. What are your experiences. Would you go for t shirt or pants first?
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Reg. Jul 2013
Posted 2014-02-21 7:15 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!

Elite Veteran

Posts: 639
Location: God's country...aka TEXAS
Love all the BOT products! As far as mesh or fleece blanket, I say it depends where you live. I live in TX so I have the mesh bc its never very cold. If it is super cold, you can throw another blanket over the mesh sheet. The human line is great also. I would go for the t-shirt first bc it will help neck, back, shoulders etc. I also wear the socks and my feet feel great even while standing all day. Good luck!
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Reg. Jul 2010
Posted 2014-02-21 7:19 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!


Posts: 288
I chose the mesh becouse i felt the fleece would be to hot for our hot humid summers. My budget doesnt allow me to do both. :)
For the bf..i would go first with where he experienced the most discomfort..upper back/shoulders i would go with the shirt for example.
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Reg. Jan 2011
Posted 2014-02-21 7:39 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!


Posts: 1215
Location: North carolina
I bought the mesh blanket for a horse that had a back injury. It has worked so well for him that I bought myself a shirt to sleep in. LOVE this product!
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Reg. Feb 2010
Posted 2014-02-21 7:48 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!

Twister Survivor

Posts: 1270
Location: Minnesota
Can anyone tell me if their blankets run true to size?  My horse generally wears between a 78-80" winter blanket, so Im trying to figure out if I should order a 78" or 81" 
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Reg. Mar 2011
Posted 2014-02-21 7:51 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!


Posts: 1236
Location: NE Oklahoma
I ordered the 80" blanket and my gelding has a 81" EOUS winter blanket. To me it runs true to size and fits him perfectly. If you ever order a neck cover... those run in weird sizes. The same gelding in the 80" blanket has a 75 in the neck cover and it fits great.
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CYA Ranch
Reg. Feb 2008
Posted 2014-02-21 9:49 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!

Military family

More bootie than waist!

Posts: 18425
Location: Riding Crackhead.
I bought myself a tshirt just to see if I could feel them working.  I honestly didn't but with that being said I'm pretty heathy and have no pain or soreness issues myself.  I was a member of an association up here last year where you get so many points (dollars) to buy your own prize out of what they offer.  I didn't need any junky tack or jackets and they offered BOT so I bought a mesh sheet and had to pay a bunch extra to get it.  I thought it was kind of a joke but figured I can sell it and get actual cash for it to buy what I want.  
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Reg. Jun 2004
Posted 2014-02-21 10:03 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!

Elite Veteran

Posts: 723
Location: South TEXAS
aquinnell - 2014-02-21 7:48 AM

Can anyone tell me if their blankets run true to size?  My horse generally wears between a 78-80" winter blanket, so Im trying to figure out if I should order a 78" or 81" 

my geldings that where a 80" in the SSTACK(or 78" in weatherbeeta) needed a 78" BOT sheet as the 81" was too big. I have a mare that wears a 78 blanket and the 75"sheet fits her great.
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Reg. Feb 2013
Posted 2014-02-21 5:30 PM
Subject: RE: Back on track users!!

Married to a Louie Lover

Posts: 3303
I haven't splurged on any equine products yet, but I picked up a long sleeve shirt for myself. I carry all of my stress in my upper back and shoulders so I had some serious knots there and consistent pain, to the point that when I went to get a massage on more than 1 instance the masseuses were seriously shocked.

I feel a ton better when I wear the shirt on a nightly basis. It has been quite comfortable to wear in the cooler weather, and we keep the house set pretty chilly, propane prices and all, so I imagine I am generating some heat from it.

I will probably invest in the pants next winter - the heat generating aspect makes them pretty nice long johns, and no more expensive than Under Armour.
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