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EPM Super Dewormer?

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Last activity 2022-02-01 10:57 AM
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Reg. May 2020
Posted 2021-08-13 8:13 PM
Subject: EPM Super Dewormer?


Has anyone tried it? Reviews? Have a mare I just bought from Texas coming to Montana. Normally use Deanna Harrison's epm 'Stabilize' annually, but I've been seeing all the rants and raves about Paige's dewormer. Just curious on y'all's thoughts! 

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Reg. May 2009
Posted 2021-08-15 7:37 AM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?

Warrior Mom

Posts: 4395

I used it and was impressed with it. I didn't use it for EPM. It expelled a bunch of nasty BOT fly larvae within 4 days on starting it. I didn't use it for the whole 90 days, more like 30. I still have it and plan to use it again as part of my dewormimg program. Now, I'll share what someone had said about the ingredients after she looked at it. A holistic feed store owner near me asked her "mentor " which is an holistic vet who seems to do majority of her consults over the phone, which is odd to me. How can you treat a horse over the phone?? Anyway, she said the ingredients are basically "under the kitchen sink" chemicals and this is not only an ineffective but also dangerous concoction. I blew it off and used it anyway and I'm pleased with my results and would use it again without hesitation. To me, when another feed manufacturer or supplement manufacturer or whatnot bashes another product and recommends their own,  I always take what they say or recommend with a grain of salt. If you can't convince me why your product is superior over another one without bashing the other make, it raises a red flag for me. Always been like that. I like to ask people who have actually used the product for an unbiased experience and then form my opinion and make a decision. 

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Reg. Jul 2021
Posted 2022-01-12 6:57 AM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?


Posts: 1

Your article is very interesting, thank you for introducing me to this topic.

geometry dash

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Reg. Jan 2013
Posted 2022-01-12 11:16 AM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?


I used ESD for the full 90 days on my three, even though the potential "die off" symptoms had me really nervous. They didn't have any scary reactions, and all of them had notable benefits. I didnt expect to see any real change with two of my horses, as they dont have any known issues. I still decided to treat them anyway, as I didnt see a real point in treating just one for parasites of any kind. Those two gained muscle and expelled some nasty looking parasites so I would call it a win. The other (and the reason I decided to try it) was an extremely hard keeper and just didnt seem like "himself" anymore. By day 60ish, he completely turned around and has absolutley bloomed, isn't a spooky mess anymore, and his "not-lame-but-maybe-kinda-off-wait-its-gone" lameness as i started calling it is gone as well. I also think its worth noting that I changed nothing during the course of the 90 days, because the nerd in me wanted to make sure any potential benefits were from the treatment. 

All that to say: If anyone is on the fence about trying it, i would 100% reccomend ESD. 

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Reg. May 2004
Posted 2022-01-12 11:42 AM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?

Military family

Keeper of the King Snake

Posts: 7484
Location: Dubach, LA

I used it the full 90 days on two of mine that have been treated for EPM. I did not see any expelled parasites. One of them had a slight mysterious skin thing for about a week. I took before, during, and after pics. Nobody could see any differences in my horses. The product didn't affect their personal idiosyncrasies either. No behavior changes positive or negative.  Did it hurt them? No. Did it help them. Not that I could tell. 

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Reg. Sep 2016
Posted 2022-01-13 2:31 PM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?


Posts: 60

Why does it need to be given for 90 days as a dewormer? 

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Dreamin of 3cans
Reg. Nov 2004
Posted 2022-01-18 1:51 PM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?

Military family


Posts: 1856
Location: Oklahoma

I tried it for 3 months on two of my horses.  I saw no improvement.  My gelding still got very sore, tripping often and muscle waist during the summer.  My mare still struggled to keep weight on during the hot summer months.  

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Reg. Jun 2021
Posted 2022-01-31 9:02 PM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?


Posts: 20

I did the full 90 days and saw some great results on my mare. I did it mainly for a detox not really for EPM, but thought it would be a plus. My mare gained alot of weight off this supplement. She was sensitive for about the first month on it. Afterwards, she was back to normal. I am considering doing it about once a year.

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Reg. Dec 2008
Posted 2022-02-01 10:57 AM
Subject: RE: EPM Super Dewormer?

I hate cooking and cleaning

Posts: 3276
Location: Jersey Girl

A friend of mine used it on her mare. The only difference was that her coat was shinier.

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