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Just B Natural

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Last activity 2023-06-30 6:14 PM
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Reg. May 2004
Posted 2023-04-24 11:24 AM
Subject: Just B Natural

Military family

Keeper of the King Snake

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Location: Dubach, LA
  • Give me all your experiences. Does it ride as close as a Bob Marshall? Do the gel bars really keep you off spine? Can it fold/crease? What difference does the wood swell and cantle make? How do stirrups hang? Do you ride on your butt bones or pelvis? Is it unsafe to buy used? Etc.  And on and on...

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Reg. Feb 2008
Posted 2023-04-26 11:18 AM
Subject: RE: Just B Natural

Miss Laundry Misshap

Posts: 5269

I've had two of them.  Had a 15.5 and lost weight and liked it so well, I bought a 14.5.   I'm not 100% sure if it rides like a BM or not.  It does ride very close to a treed saddle.  The stirrups are exceptionally mobile, meaning you can get your legs forward very easily when you need to.  It has a very deep seat that is exceptionally comfortable, but due to riding like a treed saddle, you can get up and over your horse when needed as well. 

I don't remember mine having a wood swell and cantle, but it would give it more stability than just leather. 

They don't crease per-se, but they can stretch out some.  I had to send my 14.5 back to Circle Y to have them reinforce the pommel on mine after I gained weight back and pushed forward on the saddle horn barrel racing.  Otherwise, I never had any problems.  I just got fat.

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Reg. Jan 2008
Posted 2023-04-28 12:09 PM
Subject: RE: Just B Natural

Sorry I don't have any advice

Posts: 1975
Location: Sunnyland Florida


I have two JBN's and LOVE them.  I rode Bob Marshall's exclusively for many years and I think the JBN's ride better than the Bob Marshall's - much more secure feeling, more like a real treed saddle.  It does not sit you down, very easy to get and stay forward, and foot/leg mobility is good.  The fenders hang straight down under your feet, like I like them.  No folding or creasing - it looks like a regular treed saddle.  The saddles fit all 6 of my horses, who are all different shapes & sizes.  I bought a 'wide tree' in both saddles.

I don't know about buying them used - but it seems if they used it on only one horse, it may have formed to that horse - ???   I use my 2 saddles on all of the horses.  


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Reg. May 2013
Posted 2023-06-05 9:41 PM
Subject: RE: Just B Natural


Posts: 8

It rides like a treed saddle (not like a Bob Marshall), which I appreciate.  I love the free swing stirrups and secure seat.  I also have narrow hips, so the JBN is much less painful for me than other treeless saddles (Bobs, Tammy's, Jatzlaus, etc).  However, it does still like to roll like other treeless saddles when you ride it on a low withered, broad backed horse.

I bought mine specifically for a horse with back issues and he loves it.  Prior to purchasing this saddle for him, I rode him in a Jatzlau treeless and he was getting back sore despite appropriate padding.  The JBN stopped that.

Mine hasn't folded and seems more rigid than traditional treeless saddles.  However, I am sure it would fold if you treat it badly.

Not sure on wood swell and cantle, but it is more sturdy than my other treeless saddles.

Stirrups are forward hung and swing freely.

I feel like the seat is balanced.  I can stay forward on my powerhouse, but can also stay back and in the buggy on my twitchy cowbred.

Overall I love the saddle.  I don't care for how much it wants to roll, but it doesn't do that on my horses with a nice wither.  I've even ridden it on a couple of colts and liked it on them... Very secure.


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Reg. Jul 2005
Posted 2023-06-30 6:14 PM
Subject: RE: Just B Natural

Got a Keeper

Posts: 13710
Location: RAINY FREEZING AnartiFlorida

I had one and it didn't ride like a BM.  It rode more like a treed saddle.  It wasn't bad but I sold it and bought another BM.

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