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Sticky **Please be SMART when hay shopping**

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Reg. Oct 2003
Posted 2006-08-03 12:15 PM
Subject: **Please be SMART when hay shopping**


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Location: Bennett, CO
Some unsolicited advice:    PLEASE make sure you are sure on bale weights before contracting hay this year.  I will be honest.  I have seen some fishy weights lately.  Im shopping for small squares to use during bad weather and hauling etc...  I went out to see some hay yesterday.  Thankfully I brought my handy little scale.

The hay was advertised as good 2nd cutting alfalfa for $6 a bale.... not a bad deal!  I did ask what the hay weighed, and he guessed about 50-60 lbs.

I got there, and weighed 5 bales.  They ranged from 36-42 lbs, with an average pretty close to 40 lbs.  I pulled bales from diffrent parts of the stack.  Now recognise, I normally buy bales in the 65-70 lb range...so I knew these would be light.... But quite HONESTLY....I dont know if I could have identified how much they weighed, and probably would have guessed them to be about 50 lbs. 

My point is...Do the math.  at $6 a bale...that works out to $300 a ton.  Wow...talk about out of the galaxy!  Had I figured those bales to be 50 lb bales  I would have only paid around $260a ton .  I know that does not seem like much...but add it up over the 10 tons I am shopping for. 
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Reg. Jul 2006
Posted 2006-08-04 1:09 AM
Subject: RE: **Please be SMART when hay shopping**


Posts: 4
I agree and I see this all the time. I am a grower, broker. transporter and I always come up against people who say well so and so is selling hay for 3.00 /bale while yours works out to $4.00 because I sell by the ton. I say to them check the weight of the bales and do the math.
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Reg. May 2005
Posted 2006-10-26 9:10 PM
Subject: RE: **Please be SMART when hay shopping**

Elite Veteran

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Location: Scurry, TX
If your in Texas it does not matter any hay is welcome at this point. It is going for 12 bucks for alflafa
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Reg. Jan 2012
Posted 2012-01-21 11:13 AM
Subject: RE: **Please be SMART when hay shopping**


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I've been making hay for a long time and I find my bales will vary in weight depending on a couple of things. the most variation i get with size & weight is with grass hay simply because of the grass being different from here to there. I set the baler and go. When i bale straw they are almost always exactly the same when i bale grass they arent. Just sayin.
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Reg. May 2004
Posted 2012-01-21 11:27 AM
Subject: RE: **Please be SMART when hay shopping**


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Location: Tyler, Texas
Alamo1 - 2006-10-27 8:10 PM

If your in Texas it does not matter any hay is welcome at this point. It is going for 12 bucks for alflafa

  lol.... so true right now
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